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Web Analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing and measuring raw data about the user’s behavior on your business’s website. It helps to gather useful insights about the user actions so as to develop your site and boost conversion rates.

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Why Hire Websure Solutions as your Web Analytics Partner?

We use different techniques and tools to deeply analysis our clients data that is helpful to find out how visitors are actually interacting with the website. With suggesting you how to improve the consumer’s experience we make your business more profitable and productive.

Our recommendations are more practical and actionable than the other web analytics company in India and we done any changes by keeping the unique nature of your website and business in the mind. We carefully analysis your website metrics link bounce rate, exit pages, conversion rate, abandoned sales, unique visitor etc; to find out the main cause of your website’s current performance. However, it is very important to keep a track and understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your website.

Our Web Analytics Process:

Web Analytics Plan arrangement

Here, we do a healthy interaction with our client to understand their requirements and expectations from us and their business. Then, we move towards shaping a productive web analytics process or plan.

Analytics tool selection

Two different websites have definitely various needs and each analytics package gives different capabilities. Get Websure’s help in making sure that you’re using the right tool for your website.

Development of KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Our Analysts responsibility is to shortlist the all KPI’s and then keeping focus on them. Right KPI will always help you to get the most out of your Website Analytics.

Web analytics implementation

With all the necessary parameters in pace our analyst moves on to the implementation of your web-analytics. We use Google Analytics, and basic data for our measuring and analysis the website performance.

Analysis of the Web Analytics Data

We help you to understand what the data is exactly saying about your business and its site. How in the best manner you can utilize this information to boost your website and achieve better ROI.


We will provide you detailed reports in which everything is given about the traffic, leads, convergences and other useful parameters of your website at regular intervals in a very timely manner.

How can we help?

Improving your Conversion Ratio:
  • Ultimate Sales
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Immediate Replying to a Query
  • More acting on a call to action
  • Achieving Higher ROI

Providing maximum return on investment (ROI):
  • Brings crucial information regarding the effectiveness of your strategies
  • Aids you in taking the right decision

Removing out common problems related with in-house Analytics:
  • Improperly installed and configured Google Analytics accounts tracking traffic sources which are not as important as you think
  • Tracking multiple sites performance under the one account
  • Not creating well-explained or well-developed profiles for various marketing purposes
  • Not using advanced segmentation features
  • Not achieving website goals

Improving customer experience
Increasing Revenues